Kenton Flaig, DVM-

Dr. Flaig came to Portville in 2004 to take over when Dr. Tom Clark retired. He and his family live in Portville with their three cats (Eddie Sanchez, Shelby and Leo), their three dogs (Annie May, Chloe and Suchi) and a bunch of chickens.              


He graduated from the University of Minnesota's College of Veterinary Medicine in 1974 and finished a year long internship in medicine and surgery at the Animal Medical Center in Manhattan a year later. After that he practiced in Staten Island, NY, where he founded Gateway Animal Hospital.


1997 came and Dr. Flaig retired and moved to Las Vegas with his family. They spent the next seven years living in Las Vegas enjoying the sun, the casino buffets and the desert until the kids got to the age where it was smart to find a safer place for children to grow and develop. That place was Portville!


Licensed Veterinary Technicians (LVTs)

LVTs are veterinary medicine's equivalent of a nurse. Like other medical professionals such as nurses, doctors, veterinarians and dentists, Licensed Veterinary Technicians are required to have graduated from an accredited college, to have passed New York State Department of Education's licensing examination and take continuing education to maintain their skills.


Portville Veterinary Clinic is lucky to have three of the best!



Tracy has been with Portville Veterinary Clinic since she graduated from the Veterinary Technology Program at Medaille College in 1992. That's 20+ years that she's spent taking care of pets living in this area!


She lives in Olean with her family, 2 dogs, Maisy and Sonny, and three cats, Scottie, Penny and Woody.












Heather graduated from the Veterinary Technology Program at Alfred State in 2009. She's started with us in October 2010.


She lives in Bradford with her family and dog Bow and cats Felix and Karen.




















If you haven't been in to see us for a while, the next time you come in you'll find that there's been a big change at the front desk!


That change is Kristi! Kristi replaced Sari when Sari retired last summer. So now, while Sari is off with her husband terrorizing the roads on their new Harley trike, Kristi is filling her shoes.



Kristi attended the University of Pittsburg. She joined us in 2011.


She lives in Portville with her family and two dogs, Benson and Joey, and Jingles the cat.






Veterinary Assistants:


Christina has also been with us since 1992. She too has been taking care of this area's pets for 20 years!


She lives in Bolivar with her family, and two dogs, Diego and Chloe.












Grief Counselor:
Cindi Lou Hoo-

Cindi's been our resident grief counselor since 2006! She started with us right after she got out of group home.


She's an important part of our staff. She's a little iffy sometimes as a greeter but is very diligent when she's needed as a grief counselor. Seriously, she almost always goes to sit with those clients who are in need!