Kenton Flaig, D.V.M.

159 S. Main Street
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Welcome to Portville Veterinary Clinic!

Our mission at Portville Veterinary Clinic is simple!
We work to help you help your pet live a long, active and pain-free life.

Our pets are important to us! They bring us love and happiness every day. We can give them more quality time with us by providing proper medical care.

Everything that we recommend to you will be based on the premise that by doing the "right thing" for your pet we will be helping your pet stay strong, healthy, and with you longer.

We promise you that we will work to continually improve our ability to care for your pet(s). A large part of this promise is working to continually upgrade our knowledge.

Veterinary medicine is changing at a rapid rate.  It's common for new knowledge to show us that the "old" way of treating a disease is not the best way, and our staff continually educates themselves to stay up to date!

Dr. Flaig and his staff spend several hundred hours a year reading new research, reviewing the literature, consulting with specialists and just plain old studying so that this facility can continue to improve the quality of care your pet will receive.

We look forward to serving you...and your pets! 

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159 S. Main St.
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